ANU Open Day 2013

ANU Man vs Machine

We had a Man vs Machine Challenge at this years ANU Open Day. We used all eight AI agents that participated in the Finals of the IJCAI 2013 Angry Birds AI Competition. Again, humans won. But this time is was much closer and the best AI agent was a different one. 

Overall only three out of over 50 humans were able to beat the best AI agent and it was very close. Here are the top three humans who beat the AI agents: 

1. Aakash Singh:  258050

2. Adrian Mendoza:  252920

3. Wolffe Gaunt:  245130


The top three AI agents were: 

1. IHSEV:  243480

2. HungryBirds:  173510

3. TeamWisc:  135230


Congratulations to the three human winners and congratulations to IHSEV and HungryBirds. One of our levels was extremely hard and we are very impressed that both IHSEV and HungryBirds solved it.