ANU Open Day 2015

ANU Man vs Machine

We had a Man vs Machine Challenge at this years ANU Open Day. We used 12 of the best AI agents from the previous Angry Birds AI Competitions and the same 4 levels as in the official AIBIRDS 2015 Man vs Machine Challenge. Again, humans won. But this time is was much closer and the best AI agent was a different one. Most impressively, the best agent was very competitive with the best human players and had a much higher score than previously. 

Overall only four humans were able to beat the best AI agent and it was very close. The best AI agent was within 3% of the best human score. Here are the four humans who beat the AI agents: 

1. Leo Hughes:  328870

2. Ned Loynd:  326230

3. Lauren:  322760

4. Anne-Marie Bakos:  322060


The top three AI agents were: 

1. Tori:  319990

2. Datalab Birds:  257010

3. S-Birds returns:  255810


Congratulations to the four human winners and congratulations to Tori who did extremely well. For the two challenges using the same levels combined, Tori is now almost among the top 10% of all players and within 7% of the current human high score by Josef Bajada. Well done!